We are a Spain craft beer brewery, gipsy brewers with a daring and creative portfolio of craft brews, two bars in Madrid and an On-Line Shop.

Our team is formed by multidisciplinary profesionals, experts and passionate about craft beer that celebrate everyday a concept loaded with taste, knowledge and great service.

Obssesed to grow our portfolio, everyday we explore and discover new flavors from which we create top quality craft beers, using fresh and local ingredients, achieving consistency and originality in each brew. At Bee Beer we create original recipes that are later brewed at El Espinar a Segovia town (Maltman 3 Cumbres).

Our upcoming goals are to maximize our position as a craft brewery in Spain, expanding our varied and disruptive craft beer portfolio, growing our On-Line sales, consolidating our bars in Madrid and opening a new one in 2021.

If you want to know more about us, write to marketing@beebeer.es